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The Monte Amiata with its 1738 meters s.l.m. dominates the Maremma, Val d'Orcia and Val di Chiana.
The massif is what remains of an ancient extinct volcano, whose last eruption dates back more than 700,000 years ago. Inhabited since prehistoric times the area of ​​Mount Amiata has never been particularly populous. The mining of the nineteenth century made the Monte Amiata of significant interest, then began a new phase of depopulation halted thanks to tourism.
The Mediterranean climate of the area has hot summers moderated by allowing nature and cultural tours, while winters They are cold enough to make the Monte Amiata destination for skiers. The shoulder seasons are also appreciated by sportsmen (and the many groomed soccer fields are being exploited the area for meetings and tournaments) and gastronomic tourism.

The Amiata area extends north-west from the town of Cinigiano north-east of the village of Seggiano. Continuing east is the area of ​​Amiata Siena with countries of Piancastagnaio, Abbadia San Salvatore Castiglione d'Orcia. Returning in the province of Grosseto to the southwest of Mount are the towns of Castel del Piano and Arcidosso, further south lies the town of Santa Fiora, beyond which there Roccalbegna and Semproniano. Further south-east is the town of Castell'Azzara. The Monte Amiata is a popular place especially for winter fun, in fact, are well known wide pistes, cross-country skiing, but the Amiata is not only this, in fact the area is also composed of large forests protected by nature reserves and history. In fact the story of this area begins with the volcanic eruption that has shaped the whole mountain and the surrounding valley. The territory is one of Amiata zone of southern Tuscany remained unchanged, the content populating its villages and especially the strong tradition of this land, have meant that the surrounding environment to remain natural and healthy. recommend: